Bill Rayner is a new member of Charleswood Art Group, and although he has done occasional paintings and drawings over the years, he has only recently taken it up seriously. One of his creative interests is lutherie, having made four classical guitars and nearly twenty ukuleles over the past ten years.


His current art project is a series of ten acrylic paintings based on the scene in Van Gogh's Starry Night, but portrayed at different times of the day and year and under different weather conditions. Like Starry Night, the paintings are imaginative and are executed in an expressionistic style. Each represents the village, the hills, the Alpilles Mountains, the cypress trees, and the olive groves. However, the colours used for these, and the representations of the sky and atmosphere, are intended to convey a unique mood in each painting - sometimes borrowing from Vincent's other paintings. As well as having a lot of fun with this project, Bill hopes to pay some small amount of homage to Vincent, who painted Starry Night in such internal turmoil and with such deep feeling.

To enquire about any of the pieces seen here please contact the artist at



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