Grace Anna Marie Lackman


Grace is primarily self-taught, augmented by a number of courses and workshops. She drew and painted a lot as a child, but like many childhood artists, stopped as a teenager. In her thirties, she began creating textile art, including crewel and needlepoint, using yarn and thread. When she wanted to  move to creating her own designs, she enrolled in a drawing course at the Winnipeg Art Gallery. Drawing immediately and dramatically changed the way she saw the world, other people, and her own artwork, and she soon gave up the needlework to focus soley on drawing, and a few years later, moved into painting.

She works in many media, including graphite, charcoal, pastel, watercolour, acrylics, and oil. But her true love is oil, for its rich colours and subtle texture. Her favourite subjects are people, primarily portraits, and unusual buildings within a landscape (e.g.windmills).

Her goal is balance - between realistic representation and abstraction, classic and modern techniques, as well as balanced compositions and colours.

Born in the Netherlands, she has a strong affinity for paintings from the Dutch Golden Age, especially those of Jan Vermeer. Other favourite artists and strongest influences include Paul Cezanne, Albrecht Durer, M.C Escher and Lyonel Feininger.


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