Miriam Kalb


I was born in St. Boniface and thirty-one of my adult years were spent teaching young children in the Winnipeg School Division.


Upon retirement in 1998, I pursued a lifelong interest in art forms by taking classes at the University of Manitoba.  In 2004 I received a Fine Arts (Hons) degree after studying Art History, printmaking, cermaics and double majoring in Drawing and Photography, which I chose to complete my fourth year theseis requirement.


Living in Winnipeg all my life has undoubtedly made me fully aware of the horizon, flat prairie landscape and expansive sky that often appears in my work.  Our cold northeren climate of ice and snow in winter has likely coontributed to my preference for warm and vibrant colours.  Acrylics provide the means for that expression.  Because the art process is important for me, I respond selctively to the elements which arise as my work progresses and I rely on colour, texture, line, form and rhythm to provide much of my inspiration.  As a result, my paintings suggest a personal exchange between artist and materials rather than a particular record of a certain image and they are often painted with a palette knife, which intentionally produces unexpected details.  Found objects as well as brushes also outline passages in my work and I like to listen to music while I paint.


My images invite a broad spectrum of interpretation, many of them reflecting a state of mind or feeling, rather than a specific object or place.  Some of the works are painted on embossed hand-made rag paper that I have made.


For commission work or to enquire about any of the pieces seen here please contact the artist  at  http://www.imagesbymiriamkalb.freeservers.com or http://www.miriam-kalb.pixels.com/


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