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Here is the list of our talented members. Those with  a  > after their name have info and/or art posted which you can view by simply clicking on name, a picture, then arrow. You will probably find many works sure to make you feel a gamut of emotions through color, space and technique, not to mention medium.  We hope you enjoy the journey as much as we have enjoyed creating these  pieces.  Some are for sale and some are available as prints in various sizes.  For more information please contact those artists who have provided their contact info.


Shirley Benidickson

Terry Murray

Bev Aronovich

Judy Brown

Amina Mustapha

Susan Carpenter

Vivian Gustafson

Laurene Haga

Bernice Kleysen

April Malcolm

Marcia McKenzie-Hodge

Connie McLean

Jim Richtik

Diane Stefanson

Anthony Steffes

Susan Sutcliffe

Jane Talnicoff

Deanna Taylor

Roberta Thomas

Honorary Members
Anita Falk
Palma Ledger

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