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  • Terry Mellway

Start of a new beginning...

As of yesterday, January 5, 2015 we went live with our new website. It's been a lot of fun and challenge to get it up and running but we have arrived. It is a work in progress so if you see something you like, don't like or would like to add then please send me an email. I would like to ask each of you to review your pages and provide to me or Norma the missing elements. If you need help take a look at a few of the pages that are complete or talk to me about it. This page will be for members only which means that you can post whatever you'd like, pictures, a story, a quote or helpful tips - we'd even like to hear how things are going in your life. Remember this page will be accessible to members only. To set up your first post please contact me once I have the member logins set up and I will walk you through it. Above all, have fun with this as it is yours - be a part of it!

Also I would like to add that if you have any great pictures pertaining to the group from the past, then forward them to me and they will be included in the photo gallery page. This page is for public viewing so make sure they are images that can be viewed by all.

Congratulations everyone on making this happen!!


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