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Manitoba Society of Artists

Open Juried Competition & Exhibition

August 5 - September 25, 2016

Altona Gallery in the Park

This year the MSA will be holding it's Annual Open Juried Exhibition at the Gallery in the Park in Altona, Manitoba. The show is open to all artists 16 years of age and older residing in Manitoba, whether members of the MSA or not. Deadline for entry is July 25, 2016.

More information including the application form can be accessed via the MSA website:

Rural and northern artists receive assistance with shipping costs of their artworks to Winnipeg. Gardewine has graciously offered to cover the cost of shipping artwork via their network. The artist must properly crate and label the art to ensure it is protected against damage and/or loss in transit. The artist is responsible for insurance and assumes all risks as neither the MSA nor Gardewine will entertain claims for damages/loss.

This year's exhibition has some new features:

Although the show will be in Altona, the work will be juried at Forum Art Centre in Winnipeg with the accepted pieces transported by the MSA to and from Altona.

All applicants will receive written feedback from the jurors on work is not accepted. Further, all artists can request a brief private one-one consult with the Manitoba juror.

This year we anticipate accepting a minimum of 60 pieces of art. The maximum width of each piece must not exceed 40".

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