• Terry Mellway

Exciting News again....

I Just received the go-ahead to announce that one of my pieces, which for the moment is still a big secret, will be published in Ann Kullberg's CP Treasures Volume IV. This is an annual compilation of works by colored pencil artists all over the world. I'm very excited and feel very privileged to have been chosen for inclusion in this beautiful book. Once I can release the piece, which probably won't be until the book is published, I'll be sure to let you all know but in the meantime I was wondering if we shouldn't have a little contest for CAG members only. If you view my Colored Pencil works only on my website and can guess which one has been chosen before the book comes out, you could win a prize donated by me. Something lovely just for you. Submit your guess to me by email and when the time comes I'll announce the winner(s). Good Luck! Deadline to have your guesses in by is April 30th.

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