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  • Terry Mellway

Springtide Art Show & Sale 2016

The weekend Springtide show organized by the Charleswood Art Group proved once again what an amazing group we are. The show was put on by an fantastic team and I think the show was a great success. Thank you to all the committee members for their superb organization of the event and cudos to all the members for their hard work not just in creating such wonderful art but their time spent baking cookies, doing art demos and assisting in whatever way they could to make the show an event to remember. Not sure what the tally is yet for Cancercare but we know that there were many Winnipeggers who came out to support this cause as well as the artists. Thank you to everyone who came out and congratulations to all the winners of both the Cancercare raffles and those who won some great door prizes. I'm thinking that there are a number of us who are already planning in our heads some new pieces to exhibit next year so we hope to see everyone out in full force next year. We already have the date set as April 28, 29 and 30th!

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