• Terry Mellway

MSA Open Juried Show in Altona, MB...

Big congratulations are in order for our very own Shirley Rayner for her win for the Pastel Award at the MSA Annual Open Juried Show held this year at the beautiful Altona Gallery! Wonderful job Shirley! I remember watching you work on this piece as a demo at the Springtide show.

It appears that the CAG had a great representation this year with many of our members participating. Shirley also had another piece accepted. Jo and Rosella both had 2 accepted and Ann had one accepted. Congratulations to all of you!! We really want to thank the folks in Altona for all their hard work in setting this up and the very beautiful and professional way in which they hung the works and displayed the sculptures. Congratulations!!

A very big thank you as well to Keith and Don, our jurors for this year. I had the privilege of working with them in the jury process and it was a wonderful day. Two very remarkable gentlemen indeed.

Last but certainly not least a big thank you to Bonnie and Danielle and all the MSA crew, including Bonnie's husband Jim, who organized this event and did all those little things that add up to a ton of work just to make this event a huge success. Cudo's to all of you! Since my husband and I are in the process of moving, I haven't had the opportunity yet to get out to the show but I understand from other's descriptions and of course some of the pictures that have been posted, that the gallery and beautiful grounds are absolutely outstanding. So if you get the opportunity, get out there for a visit.

Once again, congratulations to all the winners and those who were accepted.

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