• Terry Mellway

2nd Place Win!!!

Well the saying goes "Blow your own horn, cause nobody else will", so I'm about to do just that. I received notice about a month ago but was not allowed to share till now that I took 2nd place in Colored Pencil Magazine's 2016 Competition for my piece entitled "Threesome". This win provided a slew of prizes including :

• 79 Prismacolor Mixed Media Set• 1 Year Digital Subscription to CPM• Inclusion in our 2017 calendar• Listed in our November CPM issues • Free November Digital Issue• 1 CPM 2017 Calendar• Displayed winner on our website in the Official 2016 Gallery• Certificate• 1 Stonehenge 9×12 White Pad &• 1 Stonehenge 9×12 Multi Pad from Legion Paper• $25 Gift Certificate to Blick Art Material

Here's the link if anyone is interested in purchasing a copy of the magazine or the calendar. There are some really amazing pieces in there.

I was very surprised and excited to receive this as since our move to Sandy Hook I have been totally absent from my art and missing it very much. Now we are moved in (amongst some construction still and a ton of boxes) and I hope to get back to doing my art again soon. As a matter of fact I just got my computer up and running today (squeezed in on the dining room table).

There is an extra garage on our property which my husband and I are planning to turn into my full-time studio where I hope to teach as well. I have also applied to be part of the WAVE here in the Interlake hoping to have enough art done to participate in the fall event.

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