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  • Terry Mellway

Our Facebook Page is now Published!!!!!

Today is a momentous day for us as we continue to come into the latest technologies - Facebook! It's been a long time coming but we are now there. The page needs some really good tweaking and activity so get on board and post your comments and pictures. This page is for the use of all our members and the general public who would like to post as well so spread the word. Paste the FB link to your signatures for your emails and don't forget to tag anyone in the emails or photos. This will grow and grow and grow! I would really like to change the header picture to a piece of art by one of our members on a bi-weekly or weekly basis so it's always new and folks get to see your work and post comments. If you do not want to have your work posted then please let me know otherwise it might be there for everyone to see and praise!

Remember anyone can post so get on there!!

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