• Terry Mellway

Congratulations to our Members

Be sure to visit the MSA, OJCE 2017 Open Juried Competition and Exhibition Sept.17-Oct.14 at the Warehouse Artworks Gallery 222 McDermot Ave.

Congratulations to Shirley Rayner - Brian J. Hyslop Award for Pastel

for her beautiful work "Truro Park".

Congratulations to our other members selected for this exhibition:

Monica Bailey - watercolour "Tomorrow's Promise"

Arlene Cherepak - mixed media "Frostline"

Rosella Farmer - mixed media "Weathered Sentinel"

Robert Jordan - watercolour "Canna Lilies"

Beth Maurer - mixed media "Tossed in Dark and Bright"

Bonnie Taylor - encaustic "Whale Watching"

Bonnie Taylor - acrylic "Self Operating"

Well done!

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