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COVID Virtual Member Sharing September & October 2020

Updated: Mar 6, 2021

Because COVID has resulted in the cancellation of members gathering for our weekly sessions and the workshops planned throughout our program year, our wonderful program committee led by chairs Monica Bailey and Linda Rubell have set up a series of exercises/challenges sent through our weekly newsletter to keep our creative juices flowing. Members have been sharing the art within our group on our facebook page and via the newsletter. Some photos are posted in the photo gallery for you to view.

The program started with What Have You Been Working On over the summer, followed by autumn trees, pumpkins, spooky house, birds.


To paraphrase Rick, in his paintings he "seeks to portray that which is not obvious. It’s not his intent to replicate but to interpret through the elements and principles of design.”

In his video “Pumpkins” you will see how Rick uses this in watercolour as he demonstrates and explains various techniques such as washes, glazing, masking and the use of hard and soft edges as he builds up the layers to achieve depth, light and contrast.

Here’s the link to Rick Surowicz’s video:

Watch this seasonal video (approx. 51 mins) and paint in your preferred medium. Or change it up by using your own photos, or painting other objects such as pears, apples, eggplants or fall squash.

In keeping with a Thanksgiving theme, below is photograph taken near Anola, MB this time of year by our fellow artist Monica Bailey. So your challenge is to paint this picture using your choice of medium and preferred technique. “Every painting tells a story” so feel free to crop, embellish and focus on what in the painting speaks to you.

Looking for some tips on painting from photos? Here’s the link to a video by Ian Roberts:


For something a little different . . . this week the focus is on the “line and wash” technique often used in journaling and plein air.

In this video “Painting Birds with Line and Wash Technique” Steve Mitchell breaks down this technique in a fun and easy to follow demonstration. When was the last time you painted birds? Why not challenge yourself and try this Tufted Titmouse or any other bird for a subject you might not generally choose to paint.

To get you started, here’s the link to this 10 minute video: Along with the pen & ink, watercolour is used in the demonstration. However please paint in a medium of your choice. Also, if we can’t convince you to try birds, feel free to choose a subject of your choice. Just have fun!

Interested in taking a virtual tour of a sketchbook to get you motivated? Check out this link to a site that also contains lots of other information to get you going.

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