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Covid Virtual Sharing January 2021

Virtual Member Sharing Jan.4-17

To begin the new year …OUR NEXT TWO-WEEK CHALLENGE is:

“View Through Your Window”

Since we have all been spending so much time inside looking out, we thought what better subject than a View through your Window. What’s the view outside your window like? For thistwo-week challenge we invite you to gaze out your windows and paint what you see in a medium of your choice.

To inspire you here is a link to Christie’s Auction House where they explore ten great artists and how they expressed their view of the world outside their windows.

“I live in a very small house, but my windows look out on a very large world.” Confucius

OUR NEXT TWO-WEEK CHALLENGE is . . . Negative Painting” Jan.17-28

If you have never tried negative painting or haven’t played with this technique for a while here’s your opportunity. We have included three short, easy to follow demonstrations to inspire you. Either follow along with the demonstrations or explore a subject of your choice using this technique.

Here is an easy, step by step demonstration by Linda Kemp, who is often considered the guru of negative painting. Consider using a different motif or another simple shape.

This next simple demonstration of negative painting by Brenda Swenson shows using negative painting within your painting. The subject uses beautiful colour harmonies to create a more complete and improved composition.

This final exercise by Lorraine Rimmelin demonstrates using clear plastic wrap as a starting point – a fun way to create a more abstract negative painting.

Looking for more information and more challenging demonstrations of Negative Painting? Be sure to check our Linda Kemp’s website at Linda Kemp Fine Art

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