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Covid Virtual Sharing December 2020

Updated: Mar 6, 2021

Christmas Card Ideas to check out:

Everyone appreciates receiving a hand painted Christmas card and this year more than ever, so to get you started here are some….

Challenge Creativity – your sacred space - is a physical space and it is a space inside you. It is an entity; it is feelings, thoughts, fears, vulnerabilities, hopes, an energy waiting to be set free. To quote one of our very creative members:“I always thought that some people were born with creativity genes and have the natural propensity for divergent thinking and few inhibitions. My approach seems to involve attacking the surface without fear or doubt. Then with opposing forces of control/spontaneity, exploring parts that I love and editing out those that I don’t.” Beth Maurer Is creativity innate or can it be nurtured, drawn out from hiding under fear and judgement, vulnerability, self-doubt, criticism and all the do’s and don’ts that we have learned along our paths to accomplishment? In this week’s challenge we invite you to reflect on your own creativity, view Jonathan Tilley’s YouTube presentation, “What creativity is trying to tell you”, for contemplation of the subject: Then we invite you to relax with “5 Useful tips to find your creative flow” with creationsceecee: Think about the various directions you would have taken as Catherine’s creative process flowed. In other words, consider this as opposite to a workshop where you try to follow instruction, but rather take it as an opportunity to do your own thing without self judgement. Do what makes you happy, give more importance to enjoying the process rather than the end product. If you like, take the same approach with previous challenges and give them your own twist. You might do the bird painting challenge using feathers to paint ... whatever! And we hope you share!!!

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