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Amanda has always crafted and created in many forms for as long as she can remember. High school was a pivotal time in her life where she learned that she could draw. This deepened her desire to create.

A semi-retired Health Care worker of approx 40 years (with raising a family and working full and part time for part of 34 years) put some of her creativity on the "back burner" until these last several years, when she has been able to take up her love of art again.The main medium that she enjoys working in is coloured pencil, but she is branching  out into watercolour paint after taking a 6 week course.

She is a member of several Facebook Art Groups.Amanda is mostly self-taught, but follows many professional artists online and on YouTube.She especially enjoys floral art in coloured pencil, but her goal is to be able to paint floral arrangements in watercolour as well.


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