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I like to explore the interplay of light and shadow on and around a subject in my art. I think painting can be magical – when a piece comes together well, it creates an illusion of something that isn't really there and pairs it with the artist's emotions about what they are seeing. It's magic and storytelling combined. I love that part of being an artist! And when someone connects with one of my paintings or has an emotional reaction to it, the feeling I have as an artist is difficult to describe. I feel humbled by it. I’m also working on not feeling insecure and downplaying the compliments.


I haven't always known I wanted to be an artist. I was actually  a lawyer for many years but took time off from that after having kids. Once they were in school I knew I didn't want to return to practicing law and decided I wanted to paint. That was in May of 2018. I hadn't done anything artful since grade school and never thought I had any creative talent. But off I went to the local art store, asked them to set me up with supplies, and quickly discovered a side of myself I didn't know existed. An academic at heart, I love reading about the theory of colour, composition, and other underlying concepts of art. The learning is limitless, and I am continually fascinated with how this information allows me to see the world in a new way!


I am a self-taught Canadian artist but that doesn't mean I've figured it out on my own! I have taken many workshops and courses, and I worked under the mentorship of British Columbia artist, Lalita Hamill, in 2021 and 2022. I can't imagine I will ever stop working to expand my knowledge and understanding of art concepts. My current work is primarily landscapes and floral still life but when I really need an emotional outlet I work on my abstract pieces. I make time for figurative and other sketching to continue developing my drawing skills. And I break out the watercolours whenever I travel!

Thanks for following my on my journey!

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